Is Handmade Soap Better?

Did you know that most "soaps" you purchase in the store, are not really soaps? In fact, most “soaps” available today are, actually, bars of detergent that are made with synthetic ingredients, rather than natural ingredients and are dressed up in pretty inviting packaging. The artificial ingredients are petroleum-based and warp as they undergo chemical changes in factories; those soaps are manufactured and not made.

Are you able to pronounce and recognize all ingredients on your store bought soap?

Handmade soaps, by nature, use a variety of natural sources (some organic) to create a nutrient rich blend of plant based oils and butters that will clean and nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Handmade natural soap is created following a saponification process which occurs when oils and fats are mixed with sodium hydroxide and water (known as lye).The end result is a safe and gentle product that’s perfect for the skin.

Handmade soaps are usually made in small batches and therefore can be easily enriched according to the maker’s need. You can find different salts, clays, botanical extracts and essential oils and fragrances that are added to the handmade soaps. Some handcrafted soaps are based on oils, on mutters and some even are based on milk (At our store you will find soaps based on real goat’s milk and not powdered milk).

With so many options and combinations, the soap maker can create a great variety of soaps that will benefit all skin types- especially those who have a sensitive skin.

True, handmade soaps may have a higher entry price, but that’s because they not only provide a whole lot more benefits when it comes to your health and well-being, but are also created in small batches and with great care. The quality matters more than quantity- where would you find that at a store anymore?